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Welcome to the All-American by Americans AR-15 manufacturer.  That’s right, all of our parts are made right here in the U.S.A.  The revoluntionary U.S. Arms Patriot-15® is among the strongest, lightest, most durable AR-15 polymer composite lower on the market today.  Say goodbye to the 1960’s same ol’ square, boring, offensive style composite Ar-15 lower.  Compare these outdated lowers to our new and improved AR-15 lower that represents this century.



U.S. Arms, (through a subsidiary company) was the main investor of the first composite AR-15 lower company that hit the market 3 years ago.  Yes, the name was a little out there, but the product was exceptional, functional and long lasting. We now have an updated product that is comprised of an even stronger, reinforced, longer lasting material that is far superior than anything either past or present.  Top it off with an industry first POLYMER BUFFER TUBE!!!!!!

U.S. Arms offers a price point that anyone can afford and follows it up with a customer satisfaction guarantee for all of our products.  We make our own products and stand behind them 100% and pride ourselves on the best possible customer service guns can buy. Where could the citizens of the United States of America go wrong?  You can’t with the Patriot-15.   BUY
!  Stay tuned for more 100% American-made products that are in the works. ASK US ABOUT OUR BUY-BACK PROGRAM FOR COMPOSITE AR-15 LOWERS.

"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe" Luke 11:21

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